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Chatter Creek 2005

Joni Borghesani, Gene Myers, Avrum Stark, and myself joined 30+ Canadians (and a few Americans) on a 4-day cat skiing tour at Chatter Creek Mountain Lodges, which is about 100km north of Golden, BC. The tour ran from Jan. 28 through Feb. 1, 2005. We had a blast—4 days of untracked powder and fantastic scenery. We arrived in Calgary on Jan. 27th, drove to Golden, and flew via helicopter into Chatter Creek late in the afternoon on Jan. 28th; we skied at Kicking Horse Ski Resort the morning of the 28th. We returned to Golden from Chatter Creek at the end of the ski day on Feb. 1 and drove to Calgary on Feb. 2 for the flight home. The photos below are a small sample of our experience.

The trip was organized by Lockie Brown, and he has an extensive web site devoted to Chatter Creek; visit Chatter News for more photos and detailed descriptions of lodges, snow cats, and skiing terrain (known as the "tenure" in Canadian backcountry ski parlance).

Click on the thumbnails to reach the corresponding pages; the pages include navigation links to walk through the photos in the order shown below. These photos were taken by Dave Hanson, Paul Henderson, Tony Sperling, Chris Underwood and Marty Wagman.

Helicopter Safety

Gene En Route

In-flight Vista

Kinbasket Lake


Guest Bedroom

Guest Bathroom


Dining Room

Lodges & Cats

Viking Ship


Typical Vista

Line of Skiers



Cat Pickup

Avrum and Joni

Gene and Dave

Drying Room

Unloading Again


Joni in Heaven


Dave Catching Up

Gene and Joni

Tony and Will


Gene and Andrew

In the Bushes

Our Group